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   The Section Physical Sciences is involved in the following european projects…..

  1. EUMEDIS The European Virtual Institute for Jewellery Technology” VI-JET Coordinator: EJTN GEIE.(01/01/2002)

  2. GROWTH “Advance Design concepts and Maintenance by Integrated risk Evaluation for Aerostructures”  ADMIRE- Coordinator: Alenia  Aeronautica (Italy)

  3. GROWTH “Investigation on Damage Tolerance Behaviour of Aluminium Alloys” IDA- Coordinator: Alenia Aeronautica  (Italy)

  4. CRAFT “Systeme de coulee universel d’alliages dentaires dont le titane”  DENTICAST- Coordinator: Laboratoire de Prothèse Denataire Lemouel S.A. (France)

  5. STREP- Development of short distance welding concepts for airframes”. Coordinator: EADS C.R.C. (France) -Subcontract of Alenia-

  6. NETWORK OF EXCELLENCE “Knowledge-based Multicomponent Materials for  Durable and Safe Performance” KMN-Noe- Coordinator: Institute of Fundamental Technological Research Polish Academy of Science (Poland)

  7. CRAFT  “New Chitosan formulations for the prevention and treatment of diseases and dysfunctions of the digestive tract (hypercholesterolemia, overweight, ulcerative coltins and celiac disease)”  CHITOSANPEROS- Coordinator: Polytechnic University of Marche (Italy)

  8. FULLSTREP (NEST PROGRAME) Bio-engineering by atmospheric plasma treatment”- BIOPLASMA-  Coordinator: VITO Materials Technology (Belgium)

  9. CRAFT “A challenge for Materials Science: Bringing True Baroque and Medieval Sound Back to Life in Historic and New Pipe Organs” TRUESOUND- Coordinator: Max-Planck Institut for Metallforschung (Germany)

  10. INTAS “Innovative bioceramic systems for application in surgery and drug delivery: further development, production and utilisation” Coordinator: Polytechnic University of Marche (Italy) (2005) 


    ...and in the following national projects:

  1. PROGETTO DI RICERCA “A study on bioglazes for inorganic materials coating: formulation and Physico-chemical characterisation of bioactive glass system” BIOSMALTI – Coordinator: University of Ancona

  2. PROGETTO DI RICERCA “Lipid bilayers: structural and dynamical analysis of the interaction with Drugs and biological molecules”.  Coordinator: University of Ancona

  3. PROGETTO DI RICERCA “Sviluppo di una tecninca di microtomografia a raggi X basata sul contrasto di fase” TOCO- Coordinator: Università di Ancona.

  4. PROGETTO PURS “Study of Biomaterials and Ex-vivo engineered human tissues with x-ray microscopy and microdiffraction with high spatial resolution” Coordinator: Università di Ancona

  5. PROGETTO ICE “Sviluppo di una classe di rivestimenti ceramici nanostrutturati per applicazioni biomediche” 2005


   Moreover was involved in the following European projects:

  1. Brite-Euram "Precise measurements of internal stresses within materials using pulsed neutrons" PREMIS- Coordinator: Rutherford Appleton Laboratory – UK (01/12/92)

  2. Brite-Euram "Advanced vapour growth technology of high quality bulk crystals for optical, substrate and sensor materialsVAPOUR*CRYST- Coordinator: University of Durham – UK  (1/8/94)

  3. Brite-Euram "Deposition of hard metallic oxides at low temperatures" DOHMOLT- Coordinator: University of Hull – UK (01/01/96)

  4. INTAS “Calibration of volume residual stress measurements by neutron diffraction technique and applications” - Coordinator: Fraunhofer Institute for Nondestructive Testing  – Germany (31/05/98)

  5. Nuclear Fission Safety "Variation of residual stresses in aged components" VORSAC- Coordinator: The Welding Institute – UK (01/01/97)

  6. Brite-Euram "Development of Models for the Prediction of the In-Service Performance Of MMC components"  MISPOM- Coordinator: Aerospatiale – F (01/04/97)

  7. Brite-Euram "Novel in-situ techniques based on fluorescence sensing for monitoring the curing and ageing of adhesives and polymer matrix composites" FLUORAD- Coordinator: Universidad Carlos III De Madrid - ES (01/12/97)

  8. Brite-Euram "Development of Computer Based Methodology for the Prediction of the In-Service Performance of Wear-Resistant Coatings" COMPWERK- Coordinator: University of Ireland – Ireland (01/01/98)

  9. Craft "Advanced process monitor for chemical vapor deposition" ADVMON- Coordinator: University of Florence (Italy) (01/12/98)

  10. Thematic Network "European jewellery technology network thematic network" EJTN-TNW-   Coordinator: C.E.R.U. (Belgium) (15/09/98)

  11. Inco-Copernicus "Industrially relevant know-how exchange and transfer in the field of thermal coatings with high-tech materials" COATRANS- Coordinator: University of Ancona (Italy) (18/12/98)

  12. Inco-Copernicus "Composite apatite-base ceramics implants for surgery: research, development and small-scale production" CABCIS- Coordinator:University of Ancona (Italy) (18/12/98)

  13. Thematic Network "Training Industry in Neutron Strain Scanning" TRAINSS- Coordinator: Rutherford Appleton Laboratory – UK (01/01/98)

  14. TMR "Research and development for the target-moderator-reflector assembly of the future european spallation neutron source (ESS)" TARGET EUROP SPALLATION SOURCE- Coordinator: Forschungs-zentrum Julich (Germany) (01/07/98)

  15. Inco-Copernicus "Legume associations with soil microbes: biological solutions for restoring fertility of heavy metal polluted soils in sustainable agroecosystems" PABSHM- Coordinator: Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (France) (21/08/98)

  16. Brite-Euram "Computer assisted Optimisation of the forming process of MMC components" COFCOM- Coordinator: Aerospatiale (France) (1/02/99)

  17. Brite-Euram "Development of engineering surface coatings obtained by advanced, cost effective and environmentally friendly technologies" DESCO- Coordinator: FLAMETAL spa (Italy) (01/01/99)

  18. NTAS “Composite apatite-base ceramics and coatings for surgery” - Coordinator: University of Ancona (Italy) (1/03/2002)

  19. INCOMED "Comparative analysis of manufacturing technologies in goldsmithong and silversmithing fron the VII to the I century B.C. in the mediterranean" JEWELMED- Coordinator: EJTN GEIE. (Belgium)

  20. NTAS “Advanced X-ray techniques for materials study based on the new generation of focus devices”  Coordinator: University of Ancona

  21. EXPLORATORY AWARD “Alimentary Machine Safe welding by YAG Laser Technology” LASTAM- Coordinator: Granatiero S.r.l. (Italy)

  22. EXPLORATORY AWARD Multi sample Epitaxial Deposition  Chamber” MUSA- Coordinator: 2M Strumenti S.r.l. (Italy)

  23. EXPLORATORY AWARD “Electronics Recycling: a global project for recycling metals, plastics and glass” Coordinator: Pieralisi S.r.l. (Italy)

  24. CRAFT Development of improved casting technology for silver jewellery” AGCASTJEWEL- Coordinator: FEM- Jörg Fischer-Bühner (Germany)